Best Of The Worst: A Celebration Of The Most Memorable Bad Horror Movies

Loving bad horror movies used to be a niche thing. For years, “cult classics” meant a small group of people rallied behind a movie that most hated. But there’s been a shift with how people view these kind of films. Now, a movie like ‘Sharknado‘ gets massive ratings and has so many people approaching the shlock.

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The big blockbuster trend these days is shared universes, as lots of companies are chasing their own version of the success Marvel has had with their Marvel Cinematic Universe. Universal is building the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe, DC has their DC Extended Universe, Disney is expanding the Star Wars franchise beyond the trilogies, and Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment are teaming up to mingle the worlds of Godzilla and King Kong (more than fifty years after Toho did it with 1962’s KING KONG VS. GOZILLA).

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From The Creator of “Lights Out”

“Attic Panic” comes to us from David Sandberg. You may recognize that name; one of his other shorts, Lights Out, was made into a feature length movie last year after receiving over 13 million Youtube views.

In this short film, a woman is trapped in her attic and soon learns she isn’t alone.

(spoilers below, beware!)

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