Horror Appearances

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Feb 01/03 – Hollywood Show (Appearances include: Dennis Christopher – “Fade to Black”) / proceed

Feb 16: Film & Comic Con Belfast (Appearances include: Caroline Munroe – “Slaughter High”, “Maniac”, “The Last Horror Film”, “Dracula A.D. 1972” ) / proceed

Feb 22-24 – Pensalcola Comic Con (Appearances include: Jeffrey Combs “Re-Animator”) / proceed

Feb 22/24: Mad Monster Party, Carolina (Appearances include: Bruce Campbell) / proceed

Mar 02/03: London Comic Con Spring (National Hall, Olympia London) (Appearances include: Marlon Taylor (IT – Young Mike Hanlon); Brandon Crane (IT – Young Ben Hanscom / The Wonder Years – Doug Porter); Ben Heller (IT – Young Stan Uris); Adam Faraizl (IT – Young Eddie Kaspbrak); Emily Perkins (IT – Young Beverly Marsh / Ginger Snaps – Brigitte); Robert Englund) / proceed

Mar 09/10: Film & Comic Con Cardiff March (Motorpoint Arena) (Appearances include: Robert Englund) / proceed

Mar 29/31: New Jersey Horror Con & Film Festival (Appearances include: Chris Sarandon) / proceed

May 03/05: Crypticon Seattle (Appearances include: Dee Wallace) / proceed

Jul 12/14: Fanboy Expo’s Knoxville Comic Con (Appearances include: Bruce Campbell, Nick Castle) / proceed

Jul 26/28: London Film & Comic Con (London Olympia) (Appearances include: David Naughton “An American Werewolf in London”) / proceed

Sep 12/15: The Scarefest (Lexington, KY) (Appearances include: Bruce Campbell) / proceed