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Mar 09 @ 13:45 – The Curse of the Doll People (Tiff, Toronto) A group of archaeologists visit a village in Haiti and, defying local customs, secretly witness a sacred ceremony. Adding insult to injury, they steal the idol that the cult worships, and have a curse placed on them by the cult’s witch doctor. […]

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Jan 24 @ 18:30 – The Cabin in the Woods & Drag Me to Hell Feb 20 @ 18:30 – Shaun of the Dead & Zombieland Mar 20 @ 18:30 – Ringu & Battle Royale For more information check our screenings list here

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Be afraid, be very afraid! The legendary Cult Classic All-Nighter is back for another frightful night of cult horror movies, copious amounts of caffeine and body clock destruction. Our Halloween programme this year has four screen themes: classic horror anniversaries, 3D horror, VHS screenings, and some wild times. Don’t forget you can also JOIN US […]

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Updated the ‘Horror Screenings’ page with screenings for September / October

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Added a page with up to date Horror Conventions & upcoming Horror Film Festivals. Updated the screenings page. We will hopefully be attending Grimmfest and For the Love of Sci Fi / For the Love of Horror all of which are in Manchester, England so look out for reports on those over the coming months.

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For a list of updated horror screenings click here