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Screencaps 2 animations (spoilers in there)

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2 animations and trailer screencaps

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Levitation It All Comes Out In The Wash Bigalow’s Last Smoke Grandma’s Last Wish The False Prophet (24)

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Even more screen captures of Tales From The Darkside

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Answer Me (16) The Tear Collector (17)

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with an animation and screencaps from the A Nightmare On Elm Street trailer

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A QUIET PLACE – Screencaps I finally got around to watching A Quiet Place. Decent movie, and it’s pretty interesting how they managed to tell a story with almost no dialogue. I found the film beautifully shot and visually stunning, so it was kind of fun to screencap it for the site. 4/5 Coffins for […]

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I added some screencaps from the Halloween trailer to the gallery. I also added some animated gifs here!