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Mar 16, 19   Debbie Wiseman   0 Comment

Malevolent This is a Netflix movie, and it’s another hit for me. I’ve really loved so many of their horror movies, there are very few misses. (I’m looking at you, Open House.) This one is about a brother & sister who advertise themselves as paranormal investigators. Their latest case, a house haunted by the spirits […]

Mar 08, 17   Debbie Wiseman   0 Comment

This was quite a mixed bag. I guess you can’t expect a lot of a movie anthology that comes in at under 2 hours and has 26 separate stories. And to be fair, I kept track of which ones I liked and I ended up liked over half of them. Those were: A is for […]

Aug 25, 16   Debbie Wiseman   1 Comment

Night Visions was a horror anthology series that ran on Fox in 2001. 13 episodes were produced, but only 10 ended up airing in the initial run because of coverage of the September 11th attacks. Those last 3 episodes did end up airing in repeats on SciFi and Chiller. The show was hosted by Henry […]