Hannah Fierman Stars in Retro-Horror Anthology DEAD BY MIDNIGHT

Hannah Fierman (V/H/S, Siren) and cult movie icon Erin Brown (Masters of Horror: Sick Girl, The Lost) star in Dead By Midnight, a retro-horror anthology produced by You42 Inc.

It’s Halloween at WKIZ when the malicious Mistress of Midnight (Erin Brown) arrives to host her annual horror movie marathon ‘Dead By Midnight’. When the WKIZ staff begins disappearing only to turn up in the increasingly darker films, it’s up to line producer Candice Spelling (Hannah Fierman) to stop the Mistress before her final and most diabolical film goes to air.

Also starring Michael Aaron Milligan (Siren) and Davi Crimmins (Atlanta’s The Bert Show) Dead By Midnight had its premiere Saturday, April 14th at the Atlanta Film Festival.

Here are what the critics are saying:

‘Dead By Midnight’ is a Love Letter to the Retro Horror Anthology – Review


HEREDITARY (2018) Official Trailer – Starring Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne

Directed by: Ari Aster
Release date: June 8, 2018 (US)

When Ellen, the matriarch of the Graham family, passes away, her daughter’s family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry. The more they discover, the more they find themselves trying to outrun the sinister fate they seem to have inherited.

“Lake Placid: Legacy” Coming To Syfy In May

Yup, they are making another Lake Placid movie. This is actually the sixth one, and to be honest, I didn’t know there were more than two. The first movie is one of my favorites, the sequel was a disappointment, so I guess I didn’t pay attention to the rest. Anyhow, this one will air on Syfy on May 28, 2018.

In this one, Lake Placid has been closed to the public, but a bunch of people decide to ignore the warnings and all the death and go there. It doesn’t turn out well for them.

Wikipedia entry

“Dead by Midnight – 11pm Central” Official Trailer

I’ve just heard about this indie horror anthology (my personal favorite kind of movies are horror anthologies!) that will premiere this weekend at the Atlanta Film Festival. I love the title so much!

The synopsis and trailer are below.

Directed by: Torey Haas, Eric Davis, Jay Holloway, Anissa Matlock, and Tony Reames
Release date: 2018/2019 (US)

It’s Halloween at WKIZ when the malicious Mistress of Midnight arrives to host her annual horror movie marathon ‘Dead by Midnight’. When the WKIZ staff begins disappearing only to turn up in the increasingly darker films, it’s up to line producer Candice Spelling to stop the Mistress of Midnight before her final and most diabolical film goes to air.

The segments within are:
Dead Air
Blind Side
Lost Laundry
Creepy Dolls
Day Three
Jersey Devil

Unfortunately they have not yet secured a US distribution, so there’s no definitive release date. Here’s hoping they get one soon!


The MEG – Official Trailer

A deep-sea submersible—part of an international undersea observation program—has been attacked by a massive creature, previously thought to be extinct, and now lies disabled at the bottom of the deepest trench in the Pacific…with its crew trapped inside. With time running out, expert deep sea rescue diver Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) is recruited by a visionary Chinese oceanographer (Winston Chao), against the wishes of his daughter Suyin (Li Bingbing), to save the crew—and the ocean itself—from this unstoppable threat: a pre-historic 75-foot-long shark known as the Megalodon. What no one could have imagined is that, years before, Taylor had encountered this same terrifying creature. Now, teamed with Suyin, he must confront his fears and risk his own life to save everyone trapped below…bringing him face to face once more with the greatest and largest predator of all time.

Directed by: Jon Turteltaub
Release date: August 10, 2018

“Gehenna: Where Death Lives ” Trailer – Out In May

This looks pretty good!

Starring: Doug Jones, Eva Swan, Simon Phillips, Justin Gordon, Matthew Hegstrom, Sean Sprawling, Patrick Gorman, George Kamea, Lance Henriksen, Katherine Wallace

Directed by: Hiroshi Katagiri
Release date: May 4, 2018 (VOD)

Five people travel to the remote, pristine Pacific island of Saipan to scout locations for their company’s new luxury resort. They find curious natives, strange dolls, and learn of historic curses, but they finally find an ideal spot. On this spot is a cave – and when they enter, what appears to be a Japanese WWII bunker turns out to be much more, and they learn that curiosity can kill, that everyone has private secrets and inner demons, and that there are some places on Earth where death itself can live.

LEPRECHAUN RETURNS!! Official Teaser Trailer (2019) 🍀🍀🍀

“The film picks up 25 years after the events of the 1993 original, which found a maniacal Leprechaun doing whatever it takes (including committing gruesome murder) to track down his stolen pot of gold. Leprechaun Returns finds the leprechaun revived in the modern day when a group of sorority girls unwittingly awaken him while tearing down a cabin to build a new sorority house.”

The film stars Linden Porco as The Leprechaun along with Taylor Spreitler, Pepi Sonuga, Sai Bennett, Emily Rei, Oliver Llewellyn-Jenkins and Ben McGregor. Mark Holton will return as Ozzie from the original movie. It’s written by Suzanne Keilly (Ash vs Evil Dead).

Are you excited for this new film in the Leprechaun franchise?