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Jul 02, 19   Debbie Wiseman   0 Comment

Thanks so much to Shudder for giving me an advance look at this film. Party Hard, Die Young was shot on location and takes place at the X Jam on the Laterna Peninsula in Croatia. The story follows a group of recently graduated high schoolers who are ready to party for a week on the […]

Mar 16, 19   Debbie Wiseman   0 Comment

Malevolent This is a Netflix movie, and it’s another hit for me. I’ve really loved so many of their horror movies, there are very few misses. (I’m looking at you, Open House.) This one is about a brother & sister who advertise themselves as paranormal investigators. Their latest case, a house haunted by the spirits […]

Aug 28, 18   Debbie Wiseman   0 Comment

A QUIET PLACE – Screencaps I finally got around to watching A Quiet Place. Decent movie, and it’s pretty interesting how they managed to tell a story with almost no dialogue. I found the film beautifully shot and visually stunning, so it was kind of fun to screencap it for the site. 4/5 Coffins for […]