About Debbie

Twitter: @NeverNotDebbie
Instagram: @NeverNotDebbie

Favourite Horror Movies:

Dawn of the Dead (78), Rosemary’s Baby, Halloween, Friday The 13th, The Thing, Creepshow 2, Cabin In The Woods, Scream, Insidious, The Omen, Don’t Go To Sleep, The Exorcist, Trick ‘R’ Treat, Creep, Psycho… I’m sure I’m missing stuff from this list.

Favourite Horror Genres:

Haunted houses, home invasion or isolation, anthologies.

Least Favourite Horror Genres:

I’m not a huge fan of gory movies, I’d rather be scared than grossed out.

First Horror Movie I Saw:

It was either Carrie or Psycho. I was really young, 7 or younger. Psycho affected me in that I still check behind the shower curtain almost 40 years later.