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Mar 09 @ 13:45 – The Curse of the Doll People (Tiff, Toronto)
A group of archaeologists visit a village in Haiti and, defying local customs, secretly witness a sacred ceremony. Adding insult to injury, they steal the idol that the cult worships, and have a curse placed on them by the cult’s witch doctor. Once they return home, the scientists discover that the curse is all too real as, one by one, they are mysteriously murdered. The culprits: the large dolls that were anonymously sent to their homes, which come to life at night and attack with sharp, needlelike weapons. Featuring a solid female heroine in Elvira Quintana’s Karina, Benito Alazraki’s eerie black-and-white chiller offers a convincing case for discouraging cultural appropriation. Mexico, 1961, 14A
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