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Based on the story ‘A Package Marked “Return to sender”’ by Manen Lyset: www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/5j6p8x/a_package_marked_return_to_sender/
Directed by Keiran Bray-Norgate
Based on the short story by Manen Lyset
Starring – Andy Rhodes, Connor Bashford & Andy Nguyen
First AD – James Werrett
Score & Sound – Tristan Jones
Key Grip – Jax Mcmullin Condo
SFX Makeup – Jessica Nguyen
Special Thanks – Hayden Crowe, Geraldine Crowe & Anthony Cavanagh
Cinematography, Editing & VFX – Keiran Bray-Norgate
Copyright 2017 – Handprints Entertainment & Hunny Bunny Productions
Original score by Tristan Jones: www.youtube.com/channel/UCmOToTcfrbVn3YvOlkbNUYg



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