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June 28th, 2017
Debbie Wiseman

“Without Name” Poster & Trailer

Land surveyor Eric (Alan McKenna). He travels to a remote, unnamed, Irish woodland – to assess its suitability for a new development project. However, not all is as simple as it seems on this assignment. Intrigued by the wood’s foreboding mysticism, Eric finds himself drawn into a dangerous game, that could lead to him becoming a prisoner of this place without name.

June 28th, 2017
Debbie Wiseman

TSUNAMBEE Trailer!! (Now on VOD)

Check the gallery for the screencaps

June 21st, 2017
Debbie Wiseman

FredHeads: A Documentary About Fandom

As per the official Facebook page:

Venn Pictures is excited to announce its latest project, FredHeads!
FredHeads is a documentary about the fandom of a Nightmare on Elm Street and how it has changed the lives of so many people.
The documentary will follow 3 fans as they tell their story and what their journey in the Nightmare community has been; some as fans, others rising through popularity. Along the way, we will be filming at conventions and getting as many fan stories as possible to feature as many fans as we can in the documentary.
It’s about the heart and soul of horror, and what Nightmare means to people and why it is not a typical slasher film.
From the creative minds that brought you the Fan Film Don’t Fall Asleep comes a new journey into Nightmare.
We have started production and are currently continuing to gather footage. “Calling all Nightmare fans, wanna be in our documentary?” Come out and join us at Flashback Weekend this August and Scarefest this September. In the coming months we will be talking more about the project and how you as a fan can support and be involved.
We are extremely excited to launch this project and we have been working for months perfecting things behind the scenes.

June 21st, 2017
Debbie Wiseman

New “Annabelle: Creation” Trailer

June 16th, 2017
Debbie Wiseman

The Official Trailer for ‘Tsunambee’

This is gonna sting a little.
From Wild Eye Releasing comes the ultimate buzz kill Tsunambee, premiering on VOD 6/13!
After a catastrophe strikes Los Angeles, survivors face an even greater threat, thousands of giant killer bees, ushering in the end of the world!
Writer/Director Milko Davis’s ferociously fun ode to golden age creature makes its digital debut June 13!

The first video is via Blumhouse, the second via a Youtube search 🙂

June 10th, 2017
Debbie Wiseman

Dawn of the Dead 1978 Documentaries

Here are two documentaries based on my favorite horror film of all time, Dawn of the Dead. If you haven’t seen the movie, you can find it on Youtube too.

Dawn of the Dead (1978) – Making Of

Document of the Dead – 1985 Dawn of the Dead Documentary